Our challenge is to propagate by cuttings 100,000 willows by March 21, 2020, our will is to make this challenge a sustainable and annual event!

Willows, because they:

  • easily multiply by cuttings,
  • naturally store carbon,
  • filter out fine particles,
  • regulate urban temperatures,
  • create an ecological network for wildlife,
  • will offer new landscapes.


With our challenge, you are taking a citizen action and becoming an actor in climate change.

How to proceed? All you have to do is plant a willow tree branch in the ground. If the cuttings are alive the following year, the challenge will be successful

Don’t forget to ask the owner of the land on which you would like to propagate cuttings your willows, so that they are not cut down the following year or that they do not endanger public safety. It is in solidarity and cooperation that this challenge can be perpetuated in a sustainable and effective way.

Where to plant? In garden bottoms, lost spaces, schoolyards, cities, banks of streams, fields, paths… and only with the agreement of the owner.

Some native willows are easily found: Weeping willow, White willow, Tortuous willow, Basket willow, Wicker willow, Willow in Earwigs, Purple willow, Ashy willow…

Finally, to count the 100,000 trees of the challenge, use our social networks and share your participation through a photo, a video indicating the location and the number of cuttings.